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Tales from my Childhood: Fish Bubble Magazine

Internet, I was a bit of a strange child. For roughly a year when I was about 9, I maintained a publication called Fish Bubble Magazine. It was a general interest magazine… for fish. My parents were very supportive. But then how could they say no to this face?

Cute, huh? Come to think of it, my parents are also very supportive of this blog…

Gasp! Is this just a grown up version of Fish Bubble? Maybe. But I do at least have more than two readers this time.

Anyway, about the magazine. It was very advanced. I think I released about 7 issues before we were shut down due to… um, lack of funding? Let’s go with that.

Because colors are for fancy people, each issue was created using printer paper and a graphite pencil. Here is a typical cover, but with colors added via the magic of the digital age.

Brilliant, eh? Inside you would find an advertisement for a product a fish might find appealing, a couple of ocean-related articles, and a public service announcement advising the denizens of the deep against some watery peril.

While other girls played with dolls, I created a publishing empire. I can safely say it was the premier fish-related magazine maintained by an over zealous 9 year-old with a pencil. (If I recall correctly, it was during this time that I wanted to be a marine biologist.)

So basically I’m a creative genius. Or I just had a lot of time on my hands. I wasn’t allowed to watch TV on weekdays.

But what about you? What elaborate and/or nonsensical projects occupied the days of your youth?



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