I’ll Never Be a Paleontologist

Internet, I think I’m going downhill. Pretty sad, since I’m only a college freshman. But if my calculations are correct I reached my height around the age of 3.

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I’m currently double majoring in English and Spanish. But what I’ve never told you is that that was not my original plan at all. No, I’m sorry to say that I am not fulfilling my childhood dreams.

Kids have a lot of great aspirations when they’re little. Some want to be firefighters, princesses, or vets. Some wants to be pickles. Some want to develop magical powers. I wanted to be a paleontologist.

As my mother will attest, I really liked books when I was little. She probably still has paper cuts from reading to me. But in between the Bernstein Bears and Dr. Seuss, I wanted her to read me dinosaur books. In fact, I probably knew more types of dinosaurs at age 3 than I do now (hence my decline). This is also why, at the age of 3, I knew what the word “paleontologist” meant.

So, as a little kid, I was all set to devote my life to dinosaurs. What happened, you ask? Well, let us examine a chain of events.

As I grew in age, and presumably wisdom, I decided that I liked the ocean and would therefore be a marine biologist. I even went so far as to explore which colleges had good programs in that field, though as I was still a preteen that was analogous to picking where I wanted my wedding to be as a five year-old. (Though as I’m now old enough to make that decision, it’s going to be in a church. I won’t have any of this beach nonsense.)

Then, I discovered House M.D. which got me thinking, and eventually I decided I wanted to be a doctor, which lasted through much of high school until I realized that I was no great talent at Chemistry. Not bad, necessarily, but certainly not great. That put rather a damper on my plans, considering the amount of chemistry required in college for those who are pre-med.

So then I fell to writing, which led to my current 5-year plan.




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2 responses to “I’ll Never Be a Paleontologist

  1. Abidail

    POST MORE BLOGS the natives are restless.

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