Pictionary Will Be the Death of Me

Internet, I’m visiting my family. Perhaps just saying that is enough, but I’ll go on anyway.

I’ve got a baby sister (think of this, but cuter), a little brother (same deal), and a 13 year-old sister (if you know what I mean). So my 13 year-old sister, commonly referred to on this blog as “Abidail“, thought it would be a good idea if she, my mom, my dad, and I played Pictionary together. I was under the impression that it is usually the parents who try to cause family bonding, but I guess Abidail likes to break the mold. Or perhaps she is just fond of Pictionary.

As it turns out, Pictionary with my family is less like a peaceful board games and more like an all-out war, complete with appropriate emotions. Abidail and I were a team for the first game, which ended in an agonizing defeat at the hands of our parents. It wouldn’t have been so bad if, after lagging behind the majority of the game, Abidail and I hadn’t pulled ahead near the end, only to be crushed by a last minute resurgence on the part of our parents.

Emotionally drained, I went and got a soda, which I chugged bitterly. My mom brought me some brownies she had made earlier. (One of the many perks of coming home- they have food here. It’s crazy.) We switched up teams, leaving me paired with my mom. “Can I have a brownie?” asked Abidail. “No!” I said “This is all we had left.” And then I shoved a giant brownie in my mouth. It was not one of my prouder moments.

In retrospect, shame on me. Perhaps if you’d played Pictionary with my family you’d understand.

A second game followed, during which emotions ran high. Poor drawing skills were exercised. Ridiculous guesses were made. (Here’s an example from another game of Pictionary, during which my dad and I were on a team. He drew a strange rectangle that looked like the Ten Commandments, or possibly some tribal relic. Then he drew a triangular woman next to it and started drawing make-up on her. “Measure of beauty?” I guessed. Turns out it was supposed to be Barbie. The strange rectangle was a ruler. Anyone who knows me can attest to the likelihood of this occurring.)

Long story short, I lost again. It was all very dramatic.

Gee, it’s a good thing I can build up all these positive memories with my family before going back to college. Of course, I’ll be home for Christmas. Hopefully the fires will have died down by then.



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2 responses to “Pictionary Will Be the Death of Me

  1. Abidail

    I just enjoy warring amoung the family.
    P.S. I swear she almost ripped out my jugular when I couldn’t guess what the heck she was drawing.

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