Selected Moments from a Second Camping Trip

Hiya Internet. So this weekend I went camping again. I may have a problem. This time we went to a canyon instead of mountains, though. Also it wasn’t for a class. Hurray for camping without having to do school work!

Of course, as NaNoWriMo marches on, I had to bring my laptop with me so that I could keep up with my word count. This led to a desperate race against my laptop’s dying battery, as well as a night spent huddled on the edge of a circle of light cast by our lantern, desperately typing away with my laptop plugged into a random outlet we found at a picnic site. Whatever works, right?

Anyway, I won’t subject you to another week filled with nothing but camping stories, but I will run through a couple of highlights.

1) Roasting marshmallows over a camp stove, because there was a burn ban (which means no campfires allowed- tragic).

2) Setting up a tent that did not blow over, even though it was very windy.

3) Keeping warm even though it was cold at night, because I am a layering master.

4) Hiking 3 miles, climbing the world’s coolest rock formation, then hiking 3 miles back.

5) Going down parts of the trail like a slide, because it was that steep/covered in gravel.

6) Telling scary stories the first night, and hearing coyotes the second (thankfully they were not out for our blood… as far as I know).

7) Seeing tumbleweeds on the drive back, because that is just ridiculous.

8) Proving that 4 college girls can, in fact, go camping without disaster!

Hooray for camping!

And now the obligatory NaNoWriMo update.

Word count: 8,678 (Despite my valiant efforts, I’ve started to fall behind. Noooooooo!)

Novel-writing song of the day: Dust Bowl Dance by Mumford and Sons


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