NaNoWriMo Is Going to Kill Me

Good day, Internet. If the title of this post confused you, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. It occurs every November, and this year I’ve decided to participate in it. Basically, you have one month to write 50,000 words. Succeed, and you win eternal glory. Or the right to call yourself a novelist, if you’re kind of pretentious.

Well, you have a book anyway.

You haven’t heard me talk about this before because I just decided to do it yesterday, a.k.a. the first day of NaNoWriMo. Why? Because I’m an impulsive lunatic. Also, I kept hearing about it and didn’t want to be left out of the fun (I use the term “fun” very loosely here.).

What’s my novel about? It’s a secret. I will tell you that it’s for young adults, and has a disappointing lack of wizards. But that’s realistic fiction for ya’.

I’m most likely not going to try to do anything with the book, if and when I finish it (big “if” here). I mean, I might show it to a couple of people. But I see publication, self-published or otherwise, as deeply unlikely. This book is probably going to end up as my awful practice novel, so that later I can (hopefully) write something that I won’t be ashamed to let see the light of day.

And so, with such immense confidence and lofty hopes, I begin! I’ll try not to bore you with too much news of the novel’s progress in future posts. (Yes, I will continue my Monday, Wednesday, Friday post schedule throughout NaNoWriMo. Because I care.) However, I will let you know my word count, which is so far at 1,676. By the time I go to bed tonight, the goal is to be at at least 3,400. Wish me luck!

Today’s  novel-writing song: They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back from the Dead!! Ahhhh! by Sufjan Stevens



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4 responses to “NaNoWriMo Is Going to Kill Me

  1. Abidail


  2. Believe me, you’re not THAT bad off. I signed up for the Young Writer’s Program, where you get to choose your word goal. Let’s just say that I was a LITTLE ambitious. I thought, “If 50,000 words is awesomesauce, then 100,000 must be double awesomesauce!”
    So guess what I did? I SET MY WORD GOAL TO 100,000. I haven’t even gotten to ten thousand yet! Arghhh!

    By the way, good luck, Mary! And NaNoWriMo really IS a sort of practice novel. I mean, I see it as an opportunity to improve your writing and have “fun”. (I really misunderstood this word.)

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