The Apple Cannon Will Destroy You

Hey there Internet. Guess what I did this weekend! What? NO! Get your mind out of the gutter! The correct answer was “shot an apple cannon.”

Yes, you should be jealous.

In between all the wild parties I was definitely not going to, some friends and I mosied on down to a local apple orchard (Why? Because we could. Us wild college kids aren’t bound by rules.) and found a lovely place full of apples and good food. We also found a corn maze. The prize for completing the corn maze, you ask?

A chance to shoot the apple cannon!

Here’s how it went down. We wandered around the corn maze for a bit, and somehow managed to get lost even though the maze was made for kids and we could see over the rows of corn. Then, when we finally made it out, we got the ok to head over to the apple cannon.

Apple cannon!

Basically, we were given one shot to hit a target hanging  maybe 20 yards away. (I missed, but only by a few inches.) However, I envision it more like this.

Yep, pretty much. One day, when I have conquered the Internet, I will command my legions of minions to build me an apple cannon. Until then, I wait. I wait.


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