I’m Going Camping

Hello there, fair Internet. (Only the fairest of the Internet is allowed to read my blog. If you’re reading this, then congratulations!) This weekend, I am going on a camping trip to some mountains. Strangely, it’s required for the English class that I’m in. Of course usually English nerds+nature=disaster, but we’ll see how this goes. By the time I get back, I will have:

1) Hiked 9 miles… up a mountain.

2) Sat by a creek for 3 hours. Alone with the bears.

3) Frozen to death.

That third one is optional.

So! Hopefully this Monday’s post will be full of anecdotes about nature and hilarious shenanigans, and possibly the meaning of life. Or maybe I’ll just complain about how cold I was for 500 words. Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “I’m Going Camping

  1. I hear there are huge spiders on Mt. Unforgiving!

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