Ratatouille: The Ugly Truth

Hello, Internet. No, this post is not about the movie, although it was enjoyable. However, today I am here to tell you about ratatouille the food, and my experience with it.

This summer, I did not go to France. So I did what I thought would be the next best thing, and prepared a meal consisting entirely of fancy french things. I won’t go into detail about the pissalidiere (I added way too many onions.) or cherry clafouti (Delicious!), although I will advise you that making them is not for the faint of heart. However, the real test of strength came from making the ratatouille.

First, I had to chop the majority of the free world’s vegetable supply, including approximately 50,000 eggplants. I had never chopped an eggplant before, but I now know that I do not like the smell of them. So that was fun.

Once I was finished with that, all the vegetable went into a pot, along with some olive oil, and I started a’ cookin’ it down. Unlike the recipe in the movie, my recipe called for the dish to be cooked on the stove, so I had a fun time stirring it every couple of minutes for the next two hours. And no, the eggplants did not start smelling any better.

When it was finally all cooked, it just kind of looked like a big mash o’ vegetables. The total volume of the dish had been reduced by half. Personally, I was kind of afraid to try it, although I’m told that it tasted “very rich.” I guess that’s what you get when you stir something for two hours.

So, would I recommend making ratatouille? Heck, go for it if you have the guts. Just, maybe find a recipe that you cook in the oven. And make sure you like eggplants before you buy up half of the world’s supply.


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  1. Abidail

    I remember eating that and being too afraid to say anything. But she boasts not when she says the cherry clafouti was delicious.

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