Are you asking for a CHALLENGE?!?

So it’s come to this. I’m actually holding myself accountable. (It’s a sign of the apocalypse- get to the bunker!) But seriously people, you might want to sit down, as things are ’bout to get heavy.

…Wait, you mean you don’t read my blog while standing up? Really? Weird. Moving on.

As you’ve probably noticed, my posting has been a bit sporadic over the glorious month and a half that I’ve had this blog. One moment I’m posting every day, the next I drop off the face of the earth for three weeks. Well, no more. I’ve got to stop the madness.

From now on, and until I state otherwise, I will posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Predictably. Regularly. Dependably. Even though on Fridays I generally think “Blerg. It’s the weekend. Let’s watch youtube and eat candy.” Let me ask you this, readers- did Shakespeare watch youtube instead of writing? I think NOT. And look where it got him, Internet. Look where it got him.

So. Let me go ahead and warn you lovely people that not all of the coming posts are going to be Nobel prize-worthy. Writers’ block, while a dumb and annoying thing, is a real thing, and it torments me. Thus the sporadic posting in the past. But high school math classes were dumb and annoying, and I got through them, so I’m sure I can do the same with writers’ block. However, I may at some point post a drawing of a happy Christmas tree and call it a day.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s inevitable. However, we’ll see how this goes. Buckle up, Internet.



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2 responses to “Are you asking for a CHALLENGE?!?

  1. M-Coops!

    Hey can you actually post a picture of a happy Christmas tree around Christmas time? I would love it if you did.

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