Abidail: A Bio

Letters in this title may have been altered to protect the (supposedly) innocent.

Many of you have probably seen my first bio post about my friend The Rock. If so, you will understand this post, which I have written at the request of the charming Abidail. If you have not seen said post, click here.

And now, without further adieu, the bio!

Name: Abidail

Born: In a galaxy far, far away

Known Aliases: Sugarplum; Buttercup; Snake Eyes; Dragon Killer; Bob

Last Known Location: Behind you.

Last Guessed Location: London, in 1644.

Skills: Spelling; marksmanship; death stares. Probably speaks French, but only in the future.

Weapons: Only a sharp tongue and her bare hands. Also, very sharp sticks.

Notes: If sighted, do not engage. Back away slowly if you want to live.



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6 responses to “Abidail: A Bio

  1. Abidail

    AWESOME!!! Thanks. This is going on my wall for sure.

  2. M-Coops!

    That was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! And very infomative I wonder why she never told me about her secret pocket. Anyways, very funny and very true. Especially the part about her height.:-)

  3. Abidail

    at least now your dormmates will know a little about me before I sleep on their couch like a homeless person you took pity on.

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