I Laughed, I Cried, I Finished my Homework Already

Dear Internet. Dear, dear Internet. Today I bring you news from the far off and exotic land known as College Algebra. If you read my last post, you know that I took the difficultly I initially had in finding the math building to spell bad news for this class. I now see that finding the building was the hardest part. You see, Internet, today I attended that class. We learned about graphs. No, no some fancy kind. Nothing with a z-axis. Just good old 2 dimensional graphs.

Now Internet, I never claimed to be a math whiz. I mean, I’m an English major for a reason. But seriously? I learned graphs in about 7th grade (Hurray for Pre-AP Math!). The last time absolute values threatened to throw me for a loop, I was six inches shorter and still hoping for my Hogwarts letter. Ok, so I never really gave up on the Hogwarts thing, but you get my point.

When I first walked into class today, I sat down in the front row, partially because my track record in math classes is full of high B’s and I really want an A in that class (and if I don’t get one, feel free to laugh and point- I’ll deserve it), but mostly because my preferred seating area- 2nd row and slightly off center- was occupied. Of course, I now realize that I could have just sat in the back and resumed chasing the dream I gave up on at age 10- that of making the perfect paper airplane. (Come to think of it, that wasn’t my dream- it was the dream of all the boys in my 5th grade class. But they’re probably taking classes that actually involve learning, and someone has got to carry the torch.)

When the professor (and please note that I’m not blaming him for this. It’s my own fault for taking a class that is ridiculously easy- he was just doing his job and covering the material in the textbook.) first started teaching, I almost laughed. Granted, he said it was a review, but still. The information he was covering has been considered a given in all my classes for the last 5 years. Surely, I thought, this will get more difficult. He’s just mentioning this stuff before we get to the actual teaching. But no, my fair Internet, he was not just mentioning that stuff. We proceeded to cover graphs for an entire class period (the point at which I realized that graphs were the day’s lesson was when I almost started crying). And our homework? More graphs. I finished in 10 minutes.

Oh, and I skipped to the back of the textbook, just to see what was there… and I already know most of it. But hey, at least some good has come of this class. I mean, I got a blog post out of it.

What about you, Internet strangers? Ever signed up for a class that was way too easy? Did you laugh, cry, and/or fall in love? Tell me in the comments, or I will eat this entire pound of butter. YES I WILL. DON’T TEST ME.



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6 responses to “I Laughed, I Cried, I Finished my Homework Already

  1. I never had a college class I thought was fall-off-a-log easy, and if I had, it certainly would not have been a math class! I so love the artwork cats = : ) LOL!

  2. Todd White

    Fencing was easy, but not because I knew how to do it already. It was a PE credit, so I thinkit was supposed to be easy.

  3. I took a computer class in college. And for some reason I expected to learn how to do really cool stuff that only really smart computer geeks know how to do…. NOPE, we learned how to turn a computer on, we learned what some of the function keys are and best of all we learned that logging off the pc is of the utmost importance & I am 100% serious. Great post!

  4. Kathleen Cory

    My only easy college class – aerobics. No homework. Keep blogging Mary, you make me laugh.

  5. Well… we are changing our system in the office and the training sounds like your math class. Here is what the instructor says: “Name, well… here you write the name of your client”. It’s good that the training is via internet, so I can just listen and keep working on something else waiting for the challenging part to come, but not sure if that moment will ever come…!

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