An Unwanted Win, or, I’m Completely Ridiculous

Dear Internet, I do not know what is wrong with me. I can only win contests that I do not want to win.

It all started out innocently enough. I was scrolling through Facebook (because I have no life and must therefore live vicariously) when I saw a seeminlgy harmless link to a career caption contest. I don’t know why I clicked on it. I just did. At any rate, I skimmed through the rules, looked for a moment at the picture that needed caption, and commented appropriately. Then I walked away. I didn’t expect to ever hear of it again.

I had almost forgotten the contest when an email telling me I’d won showed up in my inbox. My reaction was something like this:

You see, it’s not that I wasn’t pleased I’d won. I certainly was. And by a staggering five votes, no less, beating out my second place competitor by a mere one vote! The suspense! The drama! The… oh, wait. Nevermind.

Anyway, the problem was not that I’d won some random internet contest. The problem was that the prize was a 3 month premium subscription to a career help website. This is the last thing on earth that I need. I’m just starting college- my idea of a career is a part time job that I keep for multiple semesters (for the next few years, anyway… then the Master Plan begins). Therefore, the email is rotting away in e-limbo, and the poor commenter who got 2nd place has been deprived of an opportunity to advance their career by some mouthy upstart kid.

Oh, and since I’m discussing ridiculous first world problems, I might as well mention that I just set my new printer up, only to realize that I’ve forgotten printer paper. Sheesh.


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